Homework 15.02.2016

First day of school in the second week

Arriving on time, I welcomed the new arrivals.

Compared to last week things have changed. I have new teachers for the 1:1-training and the group training. My 1:1-training takes place in the morning. In the group training there are two new colleagues and we will be able to share our different world views because we represent Germany, Italy, Spain ans Switzerland.

The great hospitality and service remain the same. John personally welcomed every arrival. The secretarial staff are exceptionally helpful. For example they made a reservation at Deeson’s Restaurant for two people for Friday. I will invite Liz to say thank you and to celebrate her birthday which is today.

New to me is the knowledge that with the correct stress pattern it’s possible to prevent missunderstandings. It’s a herculean task. Out of a sentence five new interpretations can be created e.g. in: Are you coming to Canterbury with us next week?

I need to have patience!

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