Homework 17.02.2016

BBC Radio 4 – Elevator Pitch – Canterbury Tour & Pub Thomas Becket

After breakfast I set off on the way to school but I was a bit nervous. One big challenge was wainting for me in the afternoon – the elevator pitch.

The 1:1-training started with an interesting topic on radio 4 BBC taking turns in conversation. The discussion that followed brought out some cultural differencies between England and Switzerland.

The lunch was outstanding – ALE PIE & FUNDGE CAKE – but it was a challange for the afternoon program. To give a pitch in a foreign language and to be filmed it’s already difficult enough but I had to go into it with a full stomach.

At the moment I’m suffering a small setback because I’m upset about my mistakes. I try to keep calm.

We brought the day to a close with a guided walk around Canterbury and a beer in Thomas Becket’s pub.

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